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Welcome to Blog Station. This website has been created to provide information regarding the creation of blog, bookmarking, SEO, internet marketing etc. etc.

Blogging is an art

To write something is an art. In this way we can say that blogging is an art to express our feelings, ideas, creativity in written form. Therefore, we can see that people involve in blogging have artistic mind and are able to describe everything artistically.

The introduction of blogs was as “weblogs” refer to a “server’s log file” which made an internet a great source of information.

Blogs, especially, are created for personal use in which people can express their sentiments, feelings, adventures etc. online. But, with evolution of online businesses, blogs have become the platform to promote online businesses and to communicate buyers and sellers.

If one is thinking to create a blog, whether for personal or business use, he needs to consider some tips that could make his blog interesting and informative to its readers…

Tips to make blog interesting and informative to the readers

  • Audience

Always write as per the readers’ perspective and interest whether the blog is personal. Write that is digestible and understandable to the readers.

  • Pictures and Videos

Make use of Pictures and Videos where appropriate as they create interest in readers’ mind and make them engaged with the contents of the blogs. You may also use audio clips too as deemed fit.

  • Make the Blog Constructive and Beneficial to the Readers

Always use constructive approach in writing contents of your blog. Put readers’ benefit in front of you while writing as this will create authority of your blog in the readers’ eyes.

  • Make the Blog Interactive

Make your blog interactive i.e. by allowing comments to the post and pages readers can give feedback / suggestions regarding the contents and you might be able to improve your writing skills as well as you might be able to get some friends in this way.

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