‘Social Bookmarking’ As An Aggressive and Acceptable Blog Marketing Tactic

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Popularity of Social Bookmarking websites is increasing day by day. These websites save bookmarks online, Tag and Categories them with keywords instead of saving them as bookmarks in the favorite’s list of our internet browser. Especially when our browser based bookmarks have become so bulky. Also we can access our bookmarks from any computer where the internet connection is available.

Once we have bookmarked , we can view them, sort them category and keyword wise as well as see the bookmarked links from others that have been categorized like ours.

With the establishment of RSS feeds for each category (tag) that we ‘subscribed’ we can get alerts regarding the new links in our areas of interest. Our collection of Bookmarks and RSS Feeds becomes viewable to other subscribers too who can also copy our bookmarks to their own collection of RSS feeds. This way we can easily promote your RSS feed to the Search engines, RSS Directories, syndicate them and make them available to a huge group of audience.

Social bookmarking sites make people meet who are interested in the same topics.

On Social Bookmarking sites, we first create an account. Afterwards, we bookmark useful things that comes under our interest and expertise. In this way we would be able to create a useful Feed. Once we have created account we then add useful, interesting and informative things from our own content. This will make us to share USEFUL information and links. Once done properly we would be able to easily share and get exposure to our own contents. We can share our blog(s), links of our sites that contains useful information and affiliate products to earn commission if sale from our affiliate link triggered. As we share links to others resources, we are also effectively promote their contents as well.

In this way we can ethically promote your contents and the content of others. As far as search engines are concerned they love informative articles that cover appropriate solutions to the problems as well as information that an internet user is seeking for. Finally, by organizing our own informative contents to the bookmarking sites, we can get exposure to our contents, getting authority in the eyes of search engines and help others at the same time.

Remember, if we create our feeds with too much affiliate marketing stuff people will drop the subscription to our feeds i.e. we would not get authority in their eyes and would not be able to create goodwill with the readers and might be lablelled as a spammer by the internet community.

To be successful blogger, consider the best interest of the community.

In promoting our content we might be aggressive as we like but the thing to remember is that the readers of the contents will decide whether it is ethical and useful or spam. That is, aggression and ethics must have a balance in between.

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