Increase Your Blog Traffic With A Clever Internal Linking Strategy

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By Luana Spinetti

David Leonhardt

David Leonhardt

I look for tie-ins to previous posts. In most cases, I just add the link contextually; in other cases, I add a centered line on its own… “Read also: URL”

But more importantly, I try to refer to services we offer and link to those landing/sales pages. Since my posts are generally about writing, I can usually find a reason to link to the sales page for our speechwriting services or our book writing services or our blog writing services.

☑ Homepage links are important (but other blog elements are more). Homepage links help navigation, but they can’t be the focus of your internal linking strategy for traffic, because these links are introductory and will rarely change.

It’s links between posts, pages and other contents (PDFs, etc.) that count (see previous points).

Not one page or blog post of your blog should be isolated — your blog is a small network, a Web in miniature! Make sure every piece of content gets found.


It’s easy to forget your own blog when you spend a lot of time <a class=”colorbox” title=”How To Drive More Traffic
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